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Moisturising Source

CREME HYDRA BEAUTE; Multi-action repair moisturizing cream, Dehydrated skin.

Re-hydrates the skin. Increases cellular bonding. Rebuilds the protective film helping skin to retain moisture.

HYDRAZONE ALL SKIN TYOES; Intensive moisture treatment cream.

Provides a continuous sorce of hydration for the three main areas of the face due to the HYDROCYTE LIPOSOMES.

HYDRAZONE DEHYDRATED SKIN; Intense moisturizing cream.

Instantly recreates a good moisture balance that  lasts all day. the skin is softer and more comfortable.

MASQUE HYDRA BEAUTE; Instant moisture bath.

Drenches the skin in a bath of moisture, plumps up the cells and the upper layers of the epidermis.

HYDRA CELLULAIRE SERUM; A " perfusion" of cellulaire moisture.

Quickly re-hydrates skin lacking moiustre. A genuine source of life to quickly restore the skin's radiance and vitality.

Moisturising Cream/Dehydrated Skins

Moisturising Beauty Care/All Skin Types

Moisture Supplying Radiance Mask

Moisturising Concentrate

Long Lasting Moisturising Cream

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