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Rebalancing Source

GOMMASQUE: Exfoliating and absorbing mask.

A double action product to treat oily skin. With its exfoliating action, it unclogs pores, while the mask absorbs excess sebaceous secretions.

MICROBIOTIC LOTION; Regulating,mattifying toner.

Ideal for all oily skin types, protects and balances the skin throughout the day, thanks to Sebocidine Complex.

MICROBIOTIC MOUSSE; Purifying cleansing foam.

The perfect cleanser for oily skin types, it purifies the skin in depth and controls the spread of spot- causing bacteria.

ACNILOGIC; Reverses the logic of excess sebaceous secretions.

Acts on hyper-secretion of the sebaceous glands and thanks to ACNICIDINE controls the microbial flora that cause blemishes, inflamation and irritation on the acne-prone skin.

CORRECTEUR TRAITANT;"SOS" imperfection concealer.

Dries and directly treats and conceals imperfections.

CREME PUR EQUILIBRE; Re-balancing shine-free cream. Combination skin prone to oilness.

Pure Balance Treatment Mask

Face Matifying Concealer

Intelligent Acne Care

Pure Balance Cream

Purifying Toning Lotion

Purifying Cleansing Foam

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