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Body Massage

At Rosanna Crothers we offer Swedish, Aromatherapy and Indian Head massages. We also offer Hot Stone Massages.

Swedish Body Massage: This invigorating Massage releases Muscle Stiffiness abd Tension, improves Circulation and Flexibilty and Restore Vitality. 1 hour session.

Aromatherapy Massage: This is a relaxing Theraputic Massage using a Blend or Organic Essential Oils to Re-Balance and Relax the Client. 1 houe session.

Hot Stone Therapy: This timeless Healing Technique of Hot Stone Therapy combines Massage with the Thermogenic Benefits of Heated Irish Basalt Stones and the Theraputic Qualites of Essential Oils. The Therapy of Nature's Healing Stone includes the placement of stones on the Body to improve Energy Flow and the Structural Alignment of the Body. Hot and Cold Stone Therapy promotes all the benefits of Massagei.e. Exfoliates, Re-Energises, Improves Circulation, De-Stresses, Revitalises and heats Muscles to aid the breakdown of Toxins. 40 minutes to 2 hour sessions.

Reflexology:This is a Holistic Healing massage using  Reflex points found in the feet. These Reflex points  are connected to all the Organs of the Body. By treating the feet a Relaxing, Healing effect on the whole Body can be achieved. The overall sensation of Reflexology is Soothing and Relaxing. 45 minute session.

Indian Head massage: This ancient Indian therapy is based on acupressure points. Your therapist uses deep, but gentle pressure point massage to the upper back, neck, shoulders and face. This treatment can be carried out while you are seated in a chair, fully clothed. 30 minute session.

Sports Injury Massage: Loosens the muscles prior to competition and reduces the muscle tension afterwards. Recommended for people who exercise regularly. 1 hour session.

Pregnancy Pampering Treatment: A Mini Facial and Full Body exfoliation with lots of Luxurious Massage on Ankles, feet, Legs, and lower back. Sure to Soothe and Revitalise Expectant mums. 1 hr. 30 mins.

Massage Treatments
Hot Stone Journey €140
Hot Stone Back Neck Shoulders €55
Hot Stone Face €60
Hot Stone Full Body €95
Full Body Massage € 65.00
Back Massage € 45.00
Full Body € 75.00
Back and Shoulders € 50.00
Face, Head and Shoulders € 45.00
Reflexology € 60.00
Sport Injury Massage (1 hour) € 65.00
Indian Head Massage € 45.00
Hopi Ear Candles € 35.00
Thai full body (60min) € 50.00
Thai Full Body (90min) € 75.00
Thai back neck and shoulders (30min) € 30.00
Thai back neck and shoulders (45min) € 40.00
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