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Diathermy and Laser

The permanent removal of unwanted hair from all parts of the face and body using the world's most advanced concept. Diathermy is the only Permanent Hair Removal Treatment to treat all Hair Colours, all Strenghts and all Types of Hair regardless of cause of Hair growth.

Milia (little white spots) and Skin Tags ( small Warts) are also treatable. View our complete range of Diathermy Treatments listed below.

Skin Tag Removal: Tiny warts most commonly found on the neck and chest or under the bust line. Treatment is by Diathermy. 15 minute sessions.

Laser/iPulse: iPulse innovated technology for  long term Hair Removal for all areas of the face and body. results are so long lasting that one short course and a maintenance session once or twice a year will mean you may never have to wax or shave again! iPulse intense pulse light is also used in the treatment of Acne, Pigmentation and Skin Regeneration.

Consultation given prior to treatment € 25.00
1 Hour € 152.00
45 Minutes € 114.00
30 Minutes € 76.00
15 Minutes € 38.00
Minimum Charge € 20.00
Needles Each Visit € 2.00
Milia Removal ( White Heads) € 50.00
Skin Tag Removal € 100.00


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