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The Guinot Hydradermie Facial is the most advanced BNeauty Salon Treatment for maintaining a Balanced Complexion. It Deep Cleanses, Oxygenates and Regenerates the Skin.  Regular hydradermie Treatments offer immediate and lasting results: they improve the hydration  in dry skin, reduce sebum levels in oily skin and reduce average wrinkle depth in lined skin. The Facial uses the HYdraderm Machine (unique to Guinot) manual massage and bespoke Plant-based Extracts to restore the skin's natural beauty. After analyzing the client's skin the Guinot Skincare Expert customizes the products used in the Facial to treat Dry,Sensitive,Oily Mature or Hyper-Pigmented Skin. Once the Skin is cleansed and gently Exfoliated, your Beauty Therapist applies the carefully Selected Gels and uses Mild Galvanic Current to help the  Active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin to remove Impurities and Toxins. High Frequency action is then used to Oxygenate and boost Cells before a massage and Customized Mask. Application of Moisturizer for the Contour,face and neck concludes the treatment.

Guinot for Life Consultation: With your beauty therapist all beauty programmes begin with an in-depth consultation. This enables us to give you truly personal care and attention to meet your individual skincare requirements.

Hydradermie: An exceptional treatment for Radiant Skin, Hydradermie is the most effective Deep Cleansing Treatment for your face. The facial is customised to meet your skins individual needs, whether Normal, Oily, Dry, Sensitive or Mature. Recommended as a course of 3 treatments or as a maintenance treatment every month.

Hydradermie Eye Treatment: Preventative and Corrective treatment for fine lines, shadows and puffiness. Course of 3 recommended.

Hydradermie Neck Treatment: Preventative and Corrective treatment for fine lines and creppiness of the neck. Course of 3 recommended.

Hydradermie Plus: A Deluxe Facial treatment. A Hydradermie treatment with added firming and toning serums to revitalise the skin. This treatment focusses on the Eyes, Face, Neck and dDcollete and includes a pressure point eye massage and a luxurious serenity massage (unique to Guinot) with Relaxing Essential Oils.

Beaute Neuve: Tiredness, Stress or Passing Time can contribute to the loss of radiance. The skin gets clogged with Dehydrated Cells and complexion appears Dull and Congested. Beaute Neuve is a 3 phase Peeling Facial that uses the Powerful Natural Exfoliating Properties of AHAs, combined with pure Vitamin C and Anti Aging Ingredients to boost Radiance. Reduce Pigmentation, Rehydrate and Regenerate the skin. Recommended as a course of 3 treatments.

Aromatic Facial: Lose yourself in a tantalizing world of Fragrant Herbs, Plants, Flowers and Relaxing Massage. This is a customised treatment were your Therapist selects Essentail Oils and Plant Concentrates to Release Tension and leave your skin feeling Refreshed. Recommended as a quick pick-me-up or a course of 3 treatments.

Liftsome: This Facial has been specifically developed to treat the problems associated with Mature Skin. Baesed on the use of Orange Extract, Ginseng and Collagen this Stimulating Facial treatemnt Regenerates and Energises, leaving skin Firm and Radiant. Guinot recommends a course of 3 treatments over 2 weeks.

Collagen Facial: Mary Cohr Collagen Facial. This treatment helps to Minimise Wrinkle Depth by increasing penetration of Liposomes and DNA while also Smoothing and Hydrating the skin, leaving you looking and feeling Years Younger.

Ultrasound: Ultrasound penetrates deep down into the skin to Revive, Revitalise and Heal the Skin. It can be used for treating Dryness, Acne, Rosacea, Infections, Cracked Heels and Under Eye Dark Circles and Aged Skin.


Guinot for life Consultation € 25.00
Hydradermie lift course of 10 € 675.00
Hydradermie € 75.00
Hydradermie and Eye Treatment € 95.00
Hydradermie and Neck Treatment € 75.00
Hydradermie Plus (includes eyes & neck) € 115.00
Hydradermie Back € 85.00
Collagen Facial € 110.00
Hydradermie Back € 75.00
Beaute Neuve € 65.00
Beaute Neuve course of 3 € 190.00
Aromatic Facial € 65.00
Liftosome Facial € 65.00
Liftosome Course of 2 € 110.00
Hydraclean € 40.00
Gold Facial € 120.00

For additional treatments please see Non-Surgical Face Lifts
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