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The art of using Micro-Pigmentation to create a natural cosmetic effect to enhance your look. It is a Non-Surgical Treatment using the most up-to-date technology from Germany. It is used for applying eyeliner, eyebrows, lip liner and full lip colour that can last for years. 1-2 hour sessions.


Your Eyebrows: The eyebrows are the frame of the face. We use them to express ourselves.

  • Fine, natural-looking hair strokes
  • Perfect for thickening or augmentation of too-thin or patchy eyebrows
  • Scars concealment

Your Eyes: The eyes are the mirror of the soul. Put them on perfect display!

  • Expressive, radiant eyes
  • Thicker-looking eyelashes
  • Entirely natural-looking thicker lashlines and elegant or decorative eyelid lines

Your Lips: Show your sunsuality with full, well-proportioned lips - without smudges or the need to reapply your make-up!

  • Natural contours with lip shading
  • Entirely natural-looking lip augmentation
  • Individual colour consultancy
  • Scar concealment, e.g. in the case of a cleft lip and palate



Semi Permanent Make Up

Consultation €70

Eyebrows from €630

Upper eye liner from €430

lower eye liner from €430

Lip Contour with shading from €1130

Camoflage from €100

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